Terms and Conditions

In referencing to Robe 4X4 Back Beach Adventure also refers to www.robetours.com.au


  1. Any adventure tour maybe subject to change due to either weather conditions and/or operators availability due to possible ill health or vehicle repairs.
  2. We accept no responsibility for loss, or damage, theft of or to any property to a participant’s equipment or tag along vehicle. It is the participant’s  responsibility to ensure that if they are a tag along their vehicle it is suitable and equipped for the trip and that they are a capable driver.
  3. As Robe 4X4 Back Beach Adventure operates its tours in National Parks itineraries may be subject to change due to either weather, Park Ranger’s discretion, road/track or beach conditions.
  4. The operator will reserve the right to either alter/change or cancel a section of the tour due to conditions being out of its control.
  5. In the event that for any reason the itinerary is altered as previously planed no refund is payable by the tour operator.
  6. Booked dates for any booked tour are not transferable but can be re scheduled with-in a 3 month period at the discretion of the operator.
  7. The operator will not be held responsible in any circumstance for any loss, acts, omissions, defaults, accidents, personal injury, delay, failure or expense to any participant persons or their goods whilst on the tour.
  8. The operator will not be held responsible for changing the planed schedule of a tour due to weather conditions that may influence and limits of their adventure.
  9. The operator will have the right to exclude a tour participant or participants from the adventure in the event the operators consider that or those persons are likely to endanger and risk the safety of others on the tour. In these circumstance no refund or compensation will be paid by the operator to the offending participant.
  10. Strictly no pets are permitted on any tours whilst in the National Parks.



  • Payment is to be paid by the participants prior to departure either by:- cash, electronic bank transfer, or direct into the operators bank account.
  • A deposit of 25% is to be paid into the operators bank account when making a booking 30 days or more prior to the tour date.
  • Full payment is to be made if with-in 30 days of the tour date.



  • A fee of $100 if cancelled more than 30 days from tour date.
  • The deposit of 25%  of the full fee forfeited if cancelled with-in 30 to 8 days from tour date.
  • Full forfeited if cancelled with-in 7 days from tour date.
  • No show full forfeit of payment.


Robe 4X4 Back Beach Adventure will not be held responsible for any error or omission of the contents and believe the same to be accurate and reliable as at the time of publishing.


The operator reserves the right to change and alter this publication and changes in prices at any time.